What is my first step when receiving my kit?

Firstly we would like to thank you for choosing one of our beautiful castings kits.

Unpack your casting kit and make sure you read the instructions, as it is important to understand the process.

We recommend to clear a space in the kitchen and lay down the floor protective sheet provided.

We also recommend to use old clothes and the coverall provided.

This is a fun and happy process you are about to enjoy with the family!

What temperature should the water be before adding the moulding agent?

The water temperature is very important. If the water is too cold it takes longer too set, to hot and it sets very quickly.

We recommend you set the water temperature at 21 degrees celsius with the thermometer provided in the kit.

(Yes, you get a great thermometer even for household use!)

What tool do I mix the moulding agent with?

Although you can use an electric mixer, we recommend you purchase one of our casting mixing tools as you are limited for time. You have to keep in mind, the moment the moulding agent touches the water, the timer has started.

Our mixing tools are great as they attach to any standard household drill (1/4″ electric chucked power tool).

How does the chromatic moulding agent work?

Chromatic means “produced by colour”.

It goes through 3 stages of colour change which are:

Bright Pink – Moulding Agent has approx. 3-4 minutes before it sets firm

Light Pink – Moulding Agent is firming and ready to set

Off White – Moulding Agent has completely set firm

Your hand is ready to be taken out.

Can I use any releasing agent?


We recommend using any baby oil of your choice or vaseline on hands and wrists to help release out of the casting mould.

How do I mix the moulding agent?

If your water temperature is correct and your mixing tool is ready, then you are ready to continue.

Insert the mixing tool into the bucket of water and add each sachet individually whilst mixing. Try ensuring all lumps are mixed too.

We use a chromatic moulding agent which shows you the stages.

The mix will turn bright pink ready for casting.

How can I tell when it's ready to put my hand in?

The moulding agent will turn bright pink when initially mixed.

This means you have approximately 1-2 minutes to get your hand pose ready and inserted into the bucket.

We recommend you already plan your hand pose before even considering mixing the moulding agent.

If the moulding agent has turned light pink then you are running out of time and need your hand in the bucket before the moulding agent sets.

What do I do when my hand is set firm and the Moulding Agent has turned white?

You have to be very careful at this stage not to damage the mould of your hand.

Once the solution has set firm, break the seal between the top of the mould and the wrist/forearm to help release the hand(s) away from the set solution.

Wriggle your fingers gentle to release.

If you are wearing rings, press away from the inside of the mould and gently pull out. Be careful not to scratch the inside of the mould with any nails or rings on the way out.

How do I mix the stone plaster?

To mix the plaster first measure 500ml of water for every kilo of plaster into a jug or bowl.

Add the plaster to the water (never water to plaster) and leave for 30 seconds.

Then using the gloves provided, use your hand to gently mix the plaster until all lumps have dissolved. You have approxamatley 3 minutes mixing time.

TIP – Keep tapping the jug as you mix to release air bubbles

What do I do after mixing the stone plaster?

We recommend to pour half of the plaster mix into the mould and tap around the bucket to release any air bubbles.

Pour the remaining plaster mix into the mould until reaching the top of the mould. Give the bucket another tap all over to release any remaining air bubbles.

TIP – as you may have guessed it is important to keep tapping to remove any air bubbles.

How long do I leave the stone plaster in the cast for?

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and wait for the plaster to set.

This can take between 30 to 40 minutes.

Its been 40 minutes, how do I take it out of the bucket?

Release some air between the bucket and the moulding agent by creating a gap with your fingers or a spatula.

Gently remove the mould from the bucket and place in the casting position (exposed plaster on top) on a covered surface.

How do I reveal my cast from the moulding agent?

Now for the reveal!

Simply but carefully pull the outer layer of the mould away from your casting to discover the memory within.

Be careful not to pull away too  big a piece or you may lose some valuable body parts.

How do I clean the moulding agent between the fingers of my cast?

Using the wooden/metal tools provided, clean the cast of any remaining moulding agent.

Be careful though, it’s still a little fragile

Can I reuse the moulding agent?

We have this question asked a lot.

Sadly, no.

The good news is we do stock hand casting refills.

Visit our online casting shop.

Can I sand my cast?

Only sand the base and base edges of your cast when required or you will loose all of that beautiful detail.

How long will my cast take to dry and what colour will it be?

The cast will take approximately 4 to 6 days to fully dry depending on room conditions and will be snow white once fully dry.

Can I paint my cast?

Yes you can, but you will need to seal it first with the sealing compound provided in the kit.

You can purchase your hand casting paints in our shop. Click here.