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At Family Castings we have created simply stunning hand casting kits for every occasion. Whether it is for anniversaries, weddings, birthday gifts or simply to create the perfect unique memory of you and your loved ones, we have the kit for you.

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Excellent value

Comprehensive kits

Skin safe moulding agent

The perfect gift

Beautifully detailed 3D casts

Easy home DIY kit

Great family fun

Easy-to-follow instructions

Lifetime memories

A truly unique family kit, that makes that indescribable family bond

Create a wonderful lasting memory, also great as a gift

Create a lasting keepsake of your baby’s hands and feet


Some helpful information

Easy of use 100%
Comprehensive Kits 100%
Value for Money 100%
Creating a memory 100%
Disappointment 0%

Our beautiful hand casting kits make a great and totally unique gift for any occasion. Family kits are ideal for 2 adults and 2-3 children (under the age of 12), couples kits are ideal for 2 adults. The single hand kits can be used to create that truly unique “Art Deco” one of a kind masterpiece of your own hand. Every single detail of the hand and skin is captured, you will be totally amazed at the detailed results and so will your friends and family.

All kits are easy to use and a do it yourself product, in the comfort of your own home. They come with easy to follow instructions that have a step by step guide to creating your truly stunning hand casting. You can also refer to our FAQs page for further answers to any questions you have.

Family Castings have created a completely unique one of a kind comprehensive kit which comes with key accessories to make your casting experience unforgettable.

We have designed the whole process with you, the customer in mind. After all, your casting is totally unique to you as well as being priceless.

Family Hand Kits: Capture your family’s precious moment in time with a unique family casting kit. The perfect family heirloom.

Couples Hand Kits: Cherish the time you have with your partner and create a memory that will last forever which can be handed down to generations to come.

Singles Hand Kits: Create your favorite hand pose, or cast with an object to make an “Art Deco” one of a kind masterpiece.

Sport Hand Kits: Have you encountered a great sporting moment to saver for years to come, whether it’s that hole in one or a great catch at cricket. Showcase your achievements and impress your family and friends.

Baby Hand or Feet Kits: Act quickly to create a lasting memory of your baby’s hands and feet.

Pet Paw Kits: Why not create an everlasting memory with our pet paw casting kit, after all, pets are family members too.

Quick Tips:

  • Know your hand pose before mixing any products for casting.
  • When mixing always keep tapping the bucket to release any air bubbles.
  • We recommend using a mixing tool for the moulding agent.
  • Chromatic moulding agent changes colour which helps to understand the stages.
  • To help release your hand from the chromatic moulding agent once set we recommend using baby oil or vaseline.
  • Gently hand mix the plaster with the latex free glove provided.
  • Have fun!

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Our happy customers

  • I purchased a couples hand casting kit for me and my daughter and found it simple to use and easy instructions to follow with an amazing ending result.

    Really happy with this purchase, totally recommend it.

    happy customer
    Kim Davenport
    Happy Customer
  • I had my dog paw cast at a Family Casting party and guess what….  i love it.

    Thank you Family Castings

    pet paw castings
    Tammy Head
    Happy Customer
  • Had a casting with my wife at the Family Casting party, even the dog had a casting!…. Absolutely stunning

    Happy customer
    Steve Head
    Happy Customer
  • We purchased a family casting kit which turned out beautiful. The detail is beyond words and the kids really enjoyed the whole process.

    Will be buying the refill kit i think! Thank you

    Happy customer
    Min Panesar
    Happy Customer
  • Purchased a couples casting kit and loved the outcome.

    Will be a huge talking point when family and friends come over.


    happy customer
    Karl Jarvis
    Happy Customer
  • Well we got another kit and did an outrageous BFF pose, (Best friends forever)

    boy these are addictive. 🙂

    Rikke Niemann Lott Jestersen
    Happy Customer
  • I was a little unsure about this product to start off with as I’ve never heard of it, but the wife insisted!

    So glad she did, what an incredible casting. The grandchildren were mesmerised!

    Thank you

    happy customer
    Margret and Alan Evans
    Happy Customer
  • Bought a kit with my soul mate Rikke, couldn’t believe how well it turned out, problem is now we both want it.

    Guess we’ll be doing another. lol

    Emily Volut
    Happy Customer
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